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Best online svg image converter for free

Convert PNG files to SVG just by drag & drop, no sign-in required. The online PNG to SVG conversion tool is a secure, fast, and easy-to-use interface that converts PNG and JPG to Vector files in a few seconds. The vector graphic image file converter converts and rasterizes vector graphics, raster graphics, and text online. Besides, you can also convert logo, icons, photos, and pictures to SVG.

Benefits provide for you

Convert PNG files to SVG just by drag & drop,
no sign-in required.

Fast and easy

Just upload/drag & drop your files from your PC, Google Drive, or Dropbox account or provide a link to an image, choose an output format and click the “Convert” button. Wait for a little for the process to complete. Get all your conversions done within a few seconds.

In the cloud

All conversions take in the cloud and do not use any of your computer’s storage or operating system.

Custom Settings

Set the number of colors using custom color palettes, remove background from the image, choose quality, DPI, aspect ratio, rotate and flip and more. You can easily set the output image details in terms of high, medium and low settings.

Realtime Preview

Before downloading the output, you can preview the input PNG and output SVG images and compare them side by side with the input image.

Safe & Secure

We do not store any files and vectorize images. Uploaded files are instantly deleted and converted one.

All devices supported

Png-to-svg is browser-based and works for all devices i.e. mobiles, tablets, or PCs. No additional applications or extensions are needed to be downloaded or installed.

How to Convert PNG to SVG?

Follow the step by step guide on how can you convert image jpg, png to vector:

1 – Click “Choose Files” button to select multiple files on your computer. You can also drag & drop to choose files online from URL, Google Drive or Dropbox.

2 – Choose the target image size. You can set output height & width, set DPI, crop pixels from right, left, top, bottom, set black and white threshold, remove background or use the original image size.

3 – Finally, click the “Convert Now!” button to start the conversion from PNG to SVG or vice-versa.

Drag and drop your files here

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JPG, PNG Images

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What is PNG-to-SVG Converter?

The online PNG to SVG converter lets you convert multiple PNG files to SVG or vice-versa which you can import/drag & drop from your desktop, Google Drive, or Dropbox account

You can customize the input image and generate the converted image within a few seconds. The converted files remain cached and can be retrieved later on the same day.

The png-to-svg converter is an alternative to Convertio,, SVG Creator,, Vector Image, FreeFileConvert, and Online SVG Converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our service is completely free.

Yes, it’s safe to convert files on We do not save any data/file/information of the user in our database. All your files and data are treated as strictly confidential. We have enabled HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) on all our servers. All file transmissions are through HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Multiple PNG files up to 100 MB per image can be added from your PC, Dropbox account, or Google Drive account.

There are various reasons for the failure. Some of the are: The server may be down, The source format is not supported, The source file may be corrupt, The source file may be too big.

Absolutely not. We do not intend to have legal access to your files. Furthermore, all user files are removed after a short period of time.

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